About Us

Welcome to J Renae Candle Co! Founded in 2020, we are proud to provide hand-poured scented soy candles to candle lovers all over!

The J Renae Candle Co owner is a medical student and while searching for ways to create an income while in school, she realized that she burned candles that gave off black soot and released toxic carcinogenic chemicals into the air nearly every day. So, she decided to find a way to create health conscious, eco-friendly, and sustainable scented soy candles to provide a relaxing and luxurious aroma while also burning clean and safely.

Her ultimate plan is to take a portion of the proceeds from J Renae Candle Co and create scholarships for other Black and minority students who wish to attend medical school and become physicians. She recognizes the need to give back and help others.

Thank you so much for supporting J Renae Candle Co. Let's grow together.


J Renae Candle Co